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Battle Of The Best Marine Battery On The Market

When dealing with marine applications, you may need a marine battery to handle the job. From powering an electric boat to providing a ferry with the power to carry people or cargo across the water, a marine battery can do it. Lead acid batteries are mostly used for marine applications because of their storage capacity, and of these, deep cycle monoblocs and 2v deep cycle cells are used. Here are some that could be considered the best marine battery on the market.

Optima has quite a few batteries on the market, and their 8016-103-FFP D34M model is one of the best deep cycle batteries around. Packing 750 in cold cranking amps, a 12 volt capacity, and a reserve capacity that lasts for 120 minutes, the battery can handle a variety of needs, such as recreational boats and high load vehicles. The battery's starting capabilities perform exceptionally well, even in harsh weather. The battery is also vibration resistant, and contains sealed posts that prevention corrosion and make faster charging possible. If anything goes wrong, Optima has a 2 year warranty and will replace the battery for free.

Exide's Edge FP-AGM24DP model is a high capacity battery that can tackle heavy loads with its Absorbed Glass Mat design. The battery comes with a 140 minute 25A reserve capacity and 775 in cold cranking amps. It even has a pressure venting system to prevent power reduction, drying out, and expand its life span. Fast cranking is possible because of the battery's low resistance and conductive post. Regardless of conditions, the battery can also recharge at a fast rate for more usage.

Vmaxtanks' MR107 12V 85AH battery features deep cycling with AGM and SLA. It gives 85 amp hours and operates bests with smaller boats. The battery boasts a life of 8 to 10 years, and has tin and lead alloy plates that speed up charging, increase performance, and regulate energy dissipation more efficiently. The electrolyte viscosity of the battery doesn't need to be reduced with water because of the AGM, making it a low maintenance battery. For around $260 or less with discounts, you can get a battery that lasts a long time and handles vibration well.

Optima also makes another blue top, deep cycle battery called the 8027-127-FFP D27M model. The battery has a high vibration resistance and life due to its SpiralCell technology, which combines lead plates and lead oxide coating to make two spiral wound cells. It has 1000 amp hours of power which can work with many electronics that require a lot of energy, from GPS location systems to bilge pumps. The tight seal of the cells prevent leakage, and there is a 2 free year replacement warranty in the event of a faulty battery.

Any of these batteries can qualify as the best marine battery due to their exceptional design and craftsmanship. Try one that will best suit your marine needs.



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