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Best Gps Systems For Courier Work

A GPS system installed in your car will help you know where it is at all times. Most courier business owners will draw up a route for their drivers before they depart. This helps them to stay on the objective and thus minimise delays. With the internet and technology in general, such systems are in the form of apps and can thus be installed in cars or mobile gadgets. They include:

It is the modern day satellite-like application. It plots you a map on which you can use to point out stops to make on your way to delivering the parcels. It may be at a gas station or a restaurant in case you want to have a break. The app makes your work easier and that of the driver as they are able to manage their schedule with ease. When it comes to plotting out stops for your route, the app comes in handy. On top of that, it has a free version and is thus cost efficient for small courier businesses.

It is yet another tracking app that equips your courier business with the utmost visibility. Your drivers can determine or draw up the routes they want to take with the help of HERE. Owned and managed by auto makers, it plans to make your work and that of your drivers easier. You do not have to be online to download maps of countries, cities, and states. You can do this when offline which adds to its reliability.

RAC Traffic

It tracks based on the signal of your phone. For example, if you installed this app in the mobile gadgets of your drivers, you will be able to know their exact location. It receives the phone signals to help point out the location the driver is in. Apart from that, it can inform your driver of the condition on the road in terms of the traffic. This form of application allows your courier operations to be smooth as your drivers can divert to a route that has less traffic. It helps you to plan ahead using the maps it provides in the entire of the UK.

Gvsig Mini Maps

It integrates well with major search engines including Google and Bing. With this mobile app, you can receive data on where you are or where your vehicle is. It is efficient for businesses in the courier industry. If you have multiple vans on the road on a daily basis, you can keep track of where they are. It offers a friendly user interface which adds to its efficiency. You will be able to get all the information you require regarding where your vans are.

Courier Exchange System

It works as your third eye in tracking what your drivers are up to. It offers a reliable tracking service to know where your drivers are. With the courier exchange system, you will be able to receive a live feed of the whereabouts of your drivers. It is also a mobile app which can be installed in the driver's phone or your phone to help with the tracking. It also helps the drivers to sell jobs to potential clients and thus good for business.


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