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Exploring The Fastest Sports Cars In The World

Whenever anyone talks about sports cars, the first thing, which comes to mind, is the speed. Every sports car in this world is designed to perform at their best. A lot of such sports are available these days which runs at a much faster speed than you have ever thought of. We all probably know that all the sports cars offer great performance and speed but hardly many of us know which ones are the fastest. Well, if you want to know about the fastest sports cars in the world then you are in right place to look for it.

Mentioned below is the list of top sports cars which are gorgeous, eye catching and performance packed.


If you talk about the fastest sports car in the world, Koenigsegg Agera R is the one which will come in the first place. With the maximum speed of 273 mph, Koenigsegg Agera R has conquered the top rank status in the list of the fastest sports car. Capable of generating 1140 Horsepower, it can reach the speed of 187 mph in just 1.7 seconds.


Another fastest car in the Automobile world is the Hennessey Venom GT. It can reach a maximum speed of 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. Impressive isn't it? Well, with Twin-Turbocharged V8 Engine, it is possible. It is available at the US $ 1.2 million, which is a considerable price tag when it comes to the performance and specifications.


Bugatti Veyron Super Sport can provide you with a maximum speed of 268 mph. According to the Guinness Book of World Record, Bugatti Veyron was considered the fastest car in the world until Koenigsegg launched its Agera R model. With 1200 Hp and 1106 lb-ft torque, it is indeed and impressive car with all sort of luxury features in it.

Aston Martin One-77 is among the top ten fastest sports cars in the world. The car can attain 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. With 7.3 Liters V12 engine, generating 750 Hp, it has the capability to attain a top speed of 220 mph. No chance of any doubt why One-77 is considered among the top 10 list of the fastest sports cars in the world.


With the maximum speed of 230 mph, this Italian supercar is another one of the greatest sports car available in the markets. You probably might not have heard about Pagani a lot but the car has indeed gained a lot of reputation in the sports car world. The car is backed up with twin turbo 6 Liters V12 engine producing 730 HP of power. The performance helped the car grabbing a position in the top 10 list of famous sports cars.


With the capability of reaching 60 mph in 3 seconds time period, Zenvo ST-1 is among the fastest cars in the world. The car was brought to the market in the year 2009 and has since made a considerable impact on the sports car market. With the maximum speed of 233 mph, ST-1 is giving a tough competition to all the other sports cars in the world. The powerful V8 engine generates a Horse Power of 1104, which is quite an impressive number by the way.

Check out the youtube video by Felix 10s on Tops 10 Fastest Cars in the World.

Many mean machines came and gone, some became the iconic numbers and some even could not become popular. Technological innovations in the world of super cars will continue taking place until motoring enthusiasts will keep alive their love for these amazing four wheel babies.


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