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Limo Driving In Hollywood

The film Maps to the Stars, directed by David Cronenberg, gives exposure to the day-to-day life of one of Tinseltowns less glamorous professions: the limo driver. Chauffeurs, like waiters, are often those whove come to L.A. to try their luck in making it big as an actor. Others are writers as well, and the flexibility of working hours is a major perk drawing them to the job. Some freebies they may wind up enjoying include a new Armani suit or an invitation at a clients summer place for a week. On average, these dedicated hard workers earn a yearly salary of 30,000 US dollars.

Luxury Road Events employs chauffeurs who are just as competent and committed as their Hollywood counterparts. With their services, you and your companions get a pseudo-celebrity experience while riding one of the many available party buses. You can do whatever you want inside, provided its safe and legal. Your driver acts as your confidante and is nothing short of professional and accommodating the whole time (just be respectful). To get this experience, visit and book a vehicle for your next wedding, birthday bash, bachelor/bachelorette party, night out clubbing, airport pickup or corporate event.

Based on Maps to the Stars screenwriter and novelist Bruce Wagner (who drove around celebrities like Mick Jagger and Orson Wells in the 90s), Robert Pattinsons character is seen juggling the careers of an actor, a writer and a limo driver when he gets to see firsthand the struggles of a family in show business. As depicted in the film, its common for chauffeurs to be running errands that enable celebs to do their deeds discreetly. Theyre similar to plastic surgeons and life coaches in the sense that they see both the good and ugly sides of wealth and privilege. The leather-coated room inside the vehicles they drive is essentially a stars second home, where they can completely be themselves.

Maurice Dean, 50, who has been a driver in Hollywood since his 20s, knows discretion and flexibility to be the keys to getting the best tips. You can say hes gone through his fair share of experiences that some people would envy. He recalled a moment that wouldve potentially made him richer by the millions with just one photo being in the same room with actress Katie Holmes as she tried on her dress right before her wedding to Tom Cruise. Dean was tasked to safely keep her $50,000 wedding gown and her bridesmaids dresses in his vehicle until the morning of the big day. He was also the lucky driver who had to line up at a hot dog stand to buy a chilidog for Britney Spears, who said she would trade a million bucks if it could her get to stand in that same line unrecognized by anyone.

Dean has served clients of all kinds, from those too drunk to enter the bedroom on their own to those who would cry on his shoulder. Another odd job he took on back in the day, he said, could be compared with Hollywood chauffeuring: ambulance-driving. He mentioned how there is quite a similarity between driving with people who were either dying or thought they were and people who were either famous or thought they were.


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