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Battle Of The Best Marine Battery On The Market

When dealing with marine applications, you may need a marine battery to handle the job. From powering an electric boat to providing a ferry with the power to carry people or cargo across the water, a marine battery can do it. Lead acid batteries are mostly used for marine applications because of their storage capacity, and of these, deep cycle monoblocs and 2v deep cycle cells are used. Here are some that could be considered the best marine battery on the market.

Optima has quite a few batteries on the market, and their 8016-103-FFP D34M model is one of the best deep cycle batteries around. Packing 750 in cold cranking amps, a 12 volt capacity, and a reserve capacity that lasts for 120 minutes, the battery can handle a variety of needs, such as recreational boats and high load vehicles. The battery's starting capabilities perform exceptionally well, even in harsh weather. The battery is also vibration resistant, and contains sealed posts that prevention corrosion and make faster charging possible. If anything goes wrong, Optima has a 2 year warranty and will replace the battery for free.

Exide's Edge FP-AGM24DP model is a high capacity battery that can tackle heavy loads with its Absorbed Glass Mat design. The battery comes with a 140 minute 25A reserve capacity and 775 in cold cranking amps. It even has a pressure venting system to prevent power reduction, drying out, and expand its life span. Fast cranking is possible because of the battery's low resistance and conductive post. Regardless of conditions, the battery can also recharge at a fast rate for more usage.

Vmaxtanks' MR107 12V 85AH battery features deep cycling with AGM and SLA. It gives 85 amp hours and operates bests with smaller boats. The battery boasts a life of 8 to 10 years, and has tin and lead alloy plates that speed up charging, increase performance, and regulate energy dissipation more efficiently. The electrolyte viscosity of the battery doesn't need to be reduced with water because of the AGM, making it a low maintenance battery. For around $260 or less with discounts, you can get a battery that lasts a long time and handles vibration well.

Optima also makes another blue top, deep cycle battery called the 8027-127-FFP D27M model. The battery has a high vibration resistance and life due to its SpiralCell technology, which combines lead plates and lead oxide coating to make two spiral wound cells. It has 1000 amp hours of power which can work with many electronics that require a lot of energy, from GPS location systems to bilge pumps. The tight seal of the cells prevent leakage, and there is a 2 free year replacement warranty in the event of a faulty battery.

Any of these batteries can qualify as the best marine battery due to their exceptional design and craftsmanship. Try one that will best suit your marine needs.


6 Different Types Of Motorcycles - A Simple Guide.

Thinking about buying a new motorcycle? Whatever your reason, if you are interested in buying and learning to ride a motorcycle, you need to know about the different types of motorcycles you can choose from. This is because choosing the right bike can mean a safer, easier, and more fun ride. With that said, here is a brief breakdown describing each of the different motorcycle types.


Cruiser motorcycles are the kind of bikes to show off at your local motorcycle show. These bikes feature high handlebars, V-twin engine designed for low end torque and forward-foot pegs that allows riders to lean back slightly. However, these bikes are not ideal for beginners who would love riding for longer periods of time at higher speeds because pulling back on the handle-bars to battle wind can be very tiring.


Touring motorcycles are designed for long-distance riding and heavy commuting because of their large engines and bigger fuel tanks. They feature amenities like cruise control, enough cargo space, wind protection and heating control. They are relatively powerful and heavy which makes them a good option for experienced riders.


If you are in it for the thrill, a sport motorcycle could be your ideal ride. These types of motorcycles have high-performance engines resting inside a lightweight frame and are optimized for high speeds and acceleration. They feature higher foot pegs and a longer reach to the handlebars, powerful brakes and high-grip tires.


Also known as roadsters or naked bikes, they are the most versatile bikes and are well known for their upright riding position. Their low cost, user-friendly design, moderate engines and flexibility makes them a good choice for the novice rider. They feature foot pegs which are below the rider and handlebars high enough so the rider can maintain a very comfortable position without the need to reach too far forward.


These are motorcycles designed to handle bumps, jumps and other difficult obstacles found on woodland trails or closed racing courses. They have advanced suspension systems, narrower and lighter frames, a kick-starter to reduce weight, increased ground clearance and tires with a knobby tread pattern for increased traction.


Also known as dual-sports, these motorcycles are made for riders who want the best of both worlds as they also offer some off-road capabilities. They are similar to off-road bikes except for the fact that they are legal to ride on public streets. They feature tires that can easily maneuver on both light and narrow frames, dirt and pavement, and even long suspensions. In addition, they offer great versatility for both experienced riders and beginners alike.

Bottom Line

Motorcycles can be incredible, fun and efficient machines. And with the wealth of bikes in this article to sample, finding the best that suit your needs should not be a problem anymore.

Answers To Questions Often Asked About Personal Hovercraft

Any respected small hovercraft manufacturer will have a detailed environmental assessment report that can be freely distributed. Such a report must address the issues of nuisance by noise, safety concerns to spectators, effects on habitat wild life and the possibility of pollution.

Noise is a particular concern as a large propeller is used to provide lift and forward thrust. This is driven by a petrol engine, either two or four stroke, and as such are inherently noisy. It should be noted that a comparison might be made between a personal hovercraft and other pleasure or leisure vehicles being used in the same vicinity. For example, by the sea shore, high powered motor boats are very popular, as are jet skis. Such a study should indicate the decibel ratings compared to these other vehicles.

Pollution is obviously a very strong point, also the effects on natural habitats. On the good side, there are no propellers in the water, so oil doesn't go into the sea. Generally, the engines are contained over the hull compartment and kept dry. For life under the sea or lakes, a noisy propeller thrashing around is more more disruptive to fish life than an air cushioned vehicle which floats over the surface. The question must be asked if any more man made vehicles should be introduced to our delicate environment at all in these times of environmental tipping points?

Safety is a major concern for hover craft manufacturers and design, not only for the pilots and passengers, but also for people looking for a hovercraft for sale. After all, it is quite an exciting spectacle. Modern craft hulls are made from high impact plastic or fiber glass. Glass fiber does tend to split if the hull hits a solid object, such as a rock in it's path. Despite this, many racing hovercraft use this type of construction. The overall construction is light for speed and risks of crashing are all part of the sport.

Such an attitude just won't do for the family man looking for an exciting experience to share with his family. In this situation safety is top priority and not a 'nice to have' feature at all. A slower craft with a thicker hull made from robust material is far preferable to a material that may split and crack under pressure. Expanded polypropylene and similar plastics are revolutionizing the industry and manufacturers of small light personal hovercraft are springing up all over the place.