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Exploring The Fastest Sports Cars In The World

Whenever anyone talks about sports cars, the first thing, which comes to mind, is the speed. Every sports car in this world is designed to perform at their best. A lot of such sports are available these days which runs at a much faster speed than you have ever thought of. We all probably know that all the sports cars offer great performance and speed but hardly many of us know which ones are the fastest. Well, if you want to know about the fastest sports cars in the world then you are in right place to look for it.

Mentioned below is the list of top sports cars which are gorgeous, eye catching and performance packed.


If you talk about the fastest sports car in the world, Koenigsegg Agera R is the one which will come in the first place. With the maximum speed of 273 mph, Koenigsegg Agera R has conquered the top rank status in the list of the fastest sports car. Capable of generating 1140 Horsepower, it can reach the speed of 187 mph in just 1.7 seconds.


Another fastest car in the Automobile world is the Hennessey Venom GT. It can reach a maximum speed of 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. Impressive isn't it? Well, with Twin-Turbocharged V8 Engine, it is possible. It is available at the US $ 1.2 million, which is a considerable price tag when it comes to the performance and specifications.


Bugatti Veyron Super Sport can provide you with a maximum speed of 268 mph. According to the Guinness Book of World Record, Bugatti Veyron was considered the fastest car in the world until Koenigsegg launched its Agera R model. With 1200 Hp and 1106 lb-ft torque, it is indeed and impressive car with all sort of luxury features in it.

Aston Martin One-77 is among the top ten fastest sports cars in the world. The car can attain 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. With 7.3 Liters V12 engine, generating 750 Hp, it has the capability to attain a top speed of 220 mph. No chance of any doubt why One-77 is considered among the top 10 list of the fastest sports cars in the world.


With the maximum speed of 230 mph, this Italian supercar is another one of the greatest sports car available in the markets. You probably might not have heard about Pagani a lot but the car has indeed gained a lot of reputation in the sports car world. The car is backed up with twin turbo 6 Liters V12 engine producing 730 HP of power. The performance helped the car grabbing a position in the top 10 list of famous sports cars.


With the capability of reaching 60 mph in 3 seconds time period, Zenvo ST-1 is among the fastest cars in the world. The car was brought to the market in the year 2009 and has since made a considerable impact on the sports car market. With the maximum speed of 233 mph, ST-1 is giving a tough competition to all the other sports cars in the world. The powerful V8 engine generates a Horse Power of 1104, which is quite an impressive number by the way.

Check out the youtube video by Felix 10s on Tops 10 Fastest Cars in the World.

Many mean machines came and gone, some became the iconic numbers and some even could not become popular. Technological innovations in the world of super cars will continue taking place until motoring enthusiasts will keep alive their love for these amazing four wheel babies.

Advice To Make Shopping For A Car Easy

Where some individuals relish the thought of heading to a dealership to select a new vehicle, others find the process to be extraordinarily daunting and stressful. In order to get the best experience possible when looking for 1968 Dodge Charger for sale, it is advisable to conduct a bit of early research on the subject. Keep reading for some terrific advice.

Keep the overall price in mind, rather than the monthly payments. Dealers can alter monthly payments to fit your budget, but that doesn't mean the car is costing you any less. Negotiate the best price total you can for the car. After doing that, you can work out the monthly payments. Its all going to depend on whether you are looking for a project Charger or one that has been restored or original. Price is going to vary greatly based on that.

Don't ever pay full price. No sane dealer or individual believes he or she will get full sticker price. If you aren't a good negotiator, bring a good negotiator with you. Know what the fair selling price is before you go so you have some idea of what you want to pay.

Before signing any contract take the time to read every line, including the fine print. If there is anything listed that you do not understand, do not sign until you get an answer that you understand. Unsavory salesmen can use a contract to insert many fees that were not discussed.

If the price of a car is non-negotiable, see if you can negotiate on other terms. Some dealerships will agree to provide several months' worth of free gasoline or a year of free oil changes, for instance. It never hurts to ask if a salesman can sweeten the deal.

Always take any used car you are thinking of buying to a mechanic that you trust. Do not take the dealers word that the car is in good condition. They might have only owned the car for a few days or bought it from an auction. They really have very little knowledge of the vehicle you are trying to buy.

Those of you who are in the market for a certified pre-owned vehicle would be wise to check the cars certification checklist. This will allow you to be sure that all components have been inspected and everything is in order allowing you to buy with a great deal of confidence.

If you're worried about your credit score, you can check your credit report before you go to the dealership. It's free to check your credit report once a year, so take advantage of that. By knowing your credit before you go to the dealership, you'll be able to determine if you'd be able to qualify for any low interest financing offers.

Never shop for a car based on what you want to pay monthly. Most car sellers will try to help you shop around a monthly payment. This means they can put you in a car that is not what you want by telling you it is what you can afford. The only one who wins is the dealership.

You should test drive the car you want with every feature you desire. For example, test driving a manual model when you want automatic won't show you anything. If they don't have the exact model on the lot, go to a lot which does for the test drive as you can always go back for the purchase, if you want to.

Find out all you can about rebates. You can either get a cash rebate, low loan interest rate or the dealer themselves gets the rebate in cash. It is the manufacturer who offers these rebates, not the dealership. This will only be available on cars available on the lot, of course.

Take your time when shopping for a car. It can be very tempting to purchase the first car you see because it looks nice or it has nice seating. However, there may be a car out there that is even better for you. Shop around and make comparisons before making a purchase.

New car buying has an element of excitement to it, but it can also be characterized by nervousness and uncertainty. Conquering the doubt the process can engender simply requires some education and knowledge. With any luck, the tips above have left you feeling prepared and confident about your next visit to the car dealership.

Why Buying A Used Car Is Better

It's not really a comparison that can be justified when a person thinks about it, but in some cases it's just better to buy a used car. Of course everyone wants to ride off in a brand new model, but how many people can actually afford it? The fact is, drivers tend to underestimate the value of a used car, especially if they haven't bought the right one.

It's very important to buy a used car in kent from a reputable dealer, because big money is still being spent. Used cars might be a lot cheaper than new cars, but the amount still qualifies as an investment at the end of the day. So what makes a used car purchase better?

It's Affordable

This might be overstating the obvious, but nobody can get past the affordability. Drivers that can't typically afford luxury is now in a position to have it. Some cars never go out of style and given that the car won't cost you half as much as a new one, why not get one? With a used car the chunk out of a budget is significantly less and it will be paid off quicker.

Smaller Drop In Value

Many new car owners don't fully realise how much the value drops the moment they drive off. In fact, the value can drop with a massive 40%. There is no way that this is considered a good investment.

But what about used cars? The story is very different when buying a used model, because the value doesn't drop nearly as much. If the car owner applies regular maintenance and keeps the car in good condition, he or she should be able to sell it for a price close to what was paid. A new car owner doesn't have the same liberty.

The Variety Is Bigger

With used cars there is a lot more variety. Obviously there won't be too many late models, but the door is open for anything else. In the end used car buyers have a wider selection of choice which do make it affordable and the customer happy.

Less Stress

It's understandable that used cars are going to have a few scratches. This isn't always the case, but the fact is somebody else owned it first. Now, for owners of a new car there is going to be a constant nagging. There is going to be a level of fear riding with them every time they pull it out of the garage. This fear is embodied in the smallest scratch or dent. With used models it's not really such a big problem.

The bottom line is to always use a quality dealership when you buy a used car in Kent. Just by looking at the benefits mentioned above it's starting to make more sense. The car will still drive great, but it won't cost you an arm and a leg, so why not make that comparison before making a final choice?