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Boat and trailer security

Marine Security

In this article we talk about easy methods to prevent boat and trailer theft.

The idea of security is to implement simple techniques that make your marine possession “too difficult” or “too high a risk” to be stolen. Some might say you only have to provide enough security so a thief chooses the next boat.

This may not be that far from the truth. A quick scan of ten trailers at a local boat ramp showed only one wheel lock in use and three of ten boat trailers had no security at all.

Lets look as some deterrents to theft-

An alarm system, An upgraded locking system, Marking the boat for easy identification. Methods of immobilizing boat, Reducing motivation includes-

Lowering the amount of perceived gain from theft Reducing the perceived value of the stolen items-IE paint and permanent engravings #1 Rule-Keep valuables out of sight

Keeping valuables out of sight is listed as the number one theft deterrent on every police and insurance checklist. For the owner of a boat this is not really an option. The crew may be living or vacationing inside the boat so the thief may imagine there will be something of value inside even if every cupboard is closed and the table is clear.

Lets look at some other deterrents.

Trailer boats Trailers and boats are particularly easy to steal as they are designed to be drug behind another vehicle. Some common methods of theft prevention are-

Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are a simple device that immobilizes the wheels of a vehicle or trailer preventing movement. Wheel locks are often used by police to immobilized vehicles and have a sound reputation as a theft deterrent.

Wheel locks come in a variety of qualities. In the most basic form they simply clamp around the wheel, but leave the lug nuts and bearing exposed. For the professional thief this is slightly better than no wheel lock. Once the thief has a collection of trailers it’s only a matter of carrying a spare tire in the tow vehicle. By changing the tire protected by the wheel lock the trailer is quickly rolling along behind the new tow vehicle.

Better is a wheel lock that covers the lug-nuts and wheel bearing. The SAS wheel lock made in New Zealand is a prime example of the higher level of protection that covers the wheel bearing and a lug nut. This is good as it prevents the thief from easily changing the tire.

Vulnerable ball hitch

Most ball hitches arrive with some type of locking mechanism. At first glance this may seem sufficient, but is it really?

The lock on the tongue of the trailer must be designed to prevent a pair of bolt cutters from reaching the lock shank. An inexpensive pair of bolt cutters will slice the shank of almost any lock quickly and quietly. For this reason most trailer locks now employ the single shank style of lock, thus preventing bolt cutter access.

Hacksaw the lock

The single shank is still vulnerable to a hacksaw. A short length of pipe placed around the lock shank prevents the hacksaw from getting a bite. Make sure the pipe completely fills the shank width so a hacksaw blade can’t be slid down the side of the lock.

Ball hitch bolts

The bolts that secure the ball hitch to the trailer are the next easily removed piece of the security puzzle. Once a thief is in the trailer theft business keeping a supply of interchangeable trailer parts is simple.

The tongue nuts can be made more secured with red lock tight or tack welded to prevent simple disconnection and re-bolting to another trailer. Leaving extra thread showing on the securing bolts during installation can also increase the difficulty of removing the hitch.


Recently there has recently had a rash of trailer thefts from boat launch areas. When the unfortunate fisherman returns to the dock to find his trailer nicked he often heads off in search of another trailer. During his absence the stolen trailer returns to load the victims boat (fitting perfectly) making a clean get a way with a double theft, boat and trailer.

One method to help prevent theft like the above scenario is to leave the trailer locked to the vehicle. Back the trailer into an obstacle like a curb or tree so there is less room to maneuver the trailer away from the vehicle.

Trailer load locks

Once the trailer itself is secured now we turn out attention to the load carried on the trailer. Jet skies are a prime theft target. Two or three men can easily lift a jet ski from the trailer and transfer it to another location. For this reason the Jet ski or load itself can be cable locked to the trailer.


Most law enforcement agencies recommend painting the trailer and boat with a distinctive paint job. This can be difficult for a boat trailer, but the plate number or phone number can be welded directly into a support beam. It’s a good idea for this number to be plainly visible to help reduce motivation.

A detailed paint job can be expensive. Some prefer to simply paint stripes while others use high quality printed stickers. This paint scheme can increase the value of the trailer and boat while deterring theft.


Picking the location to park your boat is an early choice that greatly effects the risk of theft.

Phil McSweeney of “Safe and Secure” (SAS) wheel locks tells us the highest theft risk is light industrial areas during the day. The amount of noise and work normally taking place in such areas can mask a theft, yet this is commonly thought of as a safe parking area.

Parking on the street in front of your house is better, but it’s easy for thieves to notice when the house is vacant. Parking by the side of the house, or between houses is better yet, and a second stored vehicle blocking the departure path of the trailer is an added deterrent.

Best is storing a boat in a well lit, camera-monitored area with one road in and out. Signs warning of passive recording of the number plate of every vehicle can go a long way in deterring the initial theft or locating a stolen vehicle.

Marina Security

Boats stored in the water are reliant on the marina security system. When deciding on a marine consider-

Are security cameras set up? Are they monitored? Have there been thefts recently? Was the security upgraded since the thefts?

It’s common for a company to purchase all the correct security devices only to ignore the system expecting to review the tapes if a theft happened to occur.

Marinas like Gulf Harbor, north of Auckland, have an excellent protection record, while boats on moorings in the adjacent Wade River have reported a string of violations. The difference can be attributed to the Gulf Harbor single road access and monitored security while the Wade River has multiple road access points and little security.

Window Markings

Etching the plate number into the window of a boat can help deter thieves. It should be noted the vehicle identification number should not be used as this number can be matched to the boat key for easy duplication.

A window marking warning of an alarm can help, but the warning should not include the alarm brand name as this gives the thief a clue to the type of alarm he has to disable.


Take photos of your boat from all angles. Take photos of the serial number, number plate, and engine identification tags. Take another set of photos of each piece of equipment’s identification plate (IE radios, auto pilots, etc) so if the equipment is separated from the boat you have a method of easy identification. By photographing you don’t have to spend time writing long numbers as the serial numbers are stored in a single photo set.

Keep boat photos (and document photos) in a safe place, preferably stored on the net (IE emailed to yourself) so you can find them quickly if needed or away from your home computer.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is quickly becoming the prime method of locating a stolen boat. The GPS tracker runs continuously monitoring a pre-determined guard ring. If the boat leaves the trailer park or marina the alarm sounds, and sends a text to a cell phone. The owner can view a web page that shows the vehicle’s progress. It’s a simple matter of calling the police with a description and current location of the vehicle.

GPS tracking can be purchased with two reporting options, satellite, or the less expensive cell phone reporting. This is important as if a vehicle is driven into an area without cell coverage, or a yacht is taken offshore the locating beacon will stop reporting.

Some tracking systems, such as report worldwide through the Global Star satellite system while and are local NZ suppliers that report through the cell phone network.

Equipment costs start around seven hundred dollars. Short-term rentals units are available.

Outboard security

Yachts from the Caribbean have found themselves in a one-upmanship challenge with local thieves. In an attempt to prevent outboard theft, yachts began using a standard clamp lock on the securing bolts that hold the outboard to the tender transom. Thieves quickly learned to disable the commercial locking devices with a simple crescent wrench.

Specialty shops began making an upgraded stainless version of the outboard clamp. Thieves began using a hand sledge and a large punch made from rebar to break the outboard mounting clamp bolts. Stainless clamp bolts were built and distributed throughout the fleet.

The thieves then began cutting the transom out of the tender with battery operated reciprocal saws to remove the outboard. Yachts started adding a stainless plate on each side of the transom in an attempt to outlast the battery packs.

Yacht crew’s took further precautions by hoisting and locking the tender into davits, but thieves cut the locks. Special davits were designed that clamped the complete tender or outboard. Thieves began using high tech pipe cutters to slice through stainless davits or rails that secured the tender. The yachts began building davits and rails with an inside tube that a pipe cutter couldn't’t reach.


Traveling by boat means we often carry many important documents with us. Passports, bank cards, ownership paperwork, even the possibility of a document that may allow the thief further access to our lives might inadvertently be kept in the boat. To help secure these valuable papers many install a safe or a strong box.

A safe should be well hidden away from public view and well secured to the hull. The idea is to install the strong box so it takes time to find, and makes noise to remove. Thick bolts that can’t be accessed from the backside are a good start.

One of the most common mistakes in safe installation is talking about it. This is a real case of “loose lips sink ships.” Once the a potential thief knows about the safe their motivation level rises to open the “surprise.”

Electronic safe prices start as low as $75 dollars and a better version with mechanical tumblers can cost upward of $400.


Once you have taken all the anti-theft precautions you can simply relax and enjoy the day. If you return to a stolen trailer or boat you will have an inconvenience, but at least you’ll be financially covered.

Or will you?

Phil McSweeney of SAS reports many insurance companies require that some forum of extra protection had been installed and used on the stolen trailer. For this reason Phil recommends checking the fine print of your policy and taking a photo of the anti theft devices in use. Keep these photos stored on your hard drive and emailed to yourself so if the unfortunate were to occur you have simple proof the secondary locking device was used. This can reduce the chances of a delay of payment.

Post theft

In the unlikely event your boat or trailer is stolen you should take the following steps-

Call the local police to file a report. Notify your insurance Post photos of the stolen items on

Don’t buy a stolen boat

One way to reduce the chances of your boat being stolen is to reject the purchase of a stolen boat. The NZ Police website recommends the following to prevent unknowingly purchasing a stolen vessel-

Expect to pay a fair price. An unreasonably low boat price should raise concerns. Be sure to inspect the serial number of the boat and outboard motor. Look for signs of recent ownership changes. Trace the ownership history. Record the seller’s details. Take a photo of the seller. Contact the local police with the plate number to check if the trailer is stolen.

See- for more information.

Ten cent solutions

Ten cent solutions are mostly a bluff in an attempt to prevent theft. Still for the DIY here are some simple techniques that have proved themselves in the field.

A common “ten-cent” alarm system is to connect a battery to a siren. A clothespin with contacts on the openings acts as a trigger switch. The clothespin is held open by a bit of plastic sheet. If the skiff is moved the plastic pulls free, and the clothespin snaps shut sounding the alarm.

More simple and inexpensive methods of reducing theft include-

A red LED flasher mounted on the trailer can present an image of an alarm system. Remove the coil lead, or other important part when the boat is left unattended. Engrave your number plate on the engine, parts, and windows in a high profile location. This will lower the motivation, as the vessel parts will be less valuable. Engrave another set of numbers in a hard to find location so if you ever stumble across your engine you have proof the outboard was once yours.


On the horizon are a series of new technologies to help prevent theft.

The advent of computerized engine control systems will soon lessen the value of stolen vehicle parts. Without the manufacturer interface the stolen parts will not function outside the original vehicle thus reducing the “chop shop” value.

GPS tracking and satellite monitoring means the main engine can be shut down by a single push of a button from a remote location. Imagine the surprise of a thief when motoring along and the engine suddenly shuts down. A voice from a manufacturer representative asks why the boat is underway.

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Spare Wheel Covers: Available Options

One of the most popular custom parts for large cars such as trucks, 4x4s, RVs, and campers is the spare wheel cover. It may not seem like much, but this part is one of the more versatile items you can get for your money. Not only does the right cover enhance your rideís looks very well, but it also keeps your spare wheel adequately protected from both natural and human threats. Wheel covers are available in different forms. There are 3 options you can choose from: soft covers, semi rigid covers, and metal ring covers. This article will provide you what you need to know about these options.

  • Soft Covers- The soft variant is perhaps the most basic form of the spare wheel covers. Made by materials such as vinyl, these covers wrap around the spare tire and are tightened by a cord or rope. There are many advantages associated with this type of cover: they are affordable, provide more than adequate protection for your spare wheel, available in different kinds of colors and designs, and can easily be stored when not in use. The biggest drawback of such covers is while they are relatively durable; they are not as durable as the other options listed here.
  • Semi Rigid Covers- A semi-rigid cover can be considered as a variant of the hard cover. It is called semi-rigid because it comes with a semi-rigid center that is usually made of materials such as polythene membrane. Again, there are advantages associated with getting this cover: they are more durable than soft covers; they are lighter and less expensive than hard covers, provide more than adequate weather and UV protection, and they can be easily fitted into any wheel. However, they tend to collect water and they tend to deteriorate under sunlight.
  • Metal Ring Covers- Metal ring covers are considered to be the most premium of all spare wheel covers. They are highly valued in the market because not only do they provide superior protection for your spare wheel, but they also offer better resistance against theft. Also, they are more durable; with proper care, they are expected to last as long as the lifespan of your car. Of course, there are disadvantages to consider: they are more expensive than the other options, relatively heavy, and can be difficult to install and uninstall.
  • Those are the 3 options that you have when it comes to spare wheel covers. You can get any of these 3 types of covers from us. We offer different kinds of spare tire covers and you can get them all at the best price.

    Check out our catalogue to see some of the best wheel covers you can buy right now.

    Best Gps Systems For Courier Work

    A GPS system installed in your car will help you know where it is at all times. Most courier business owners will draw up a route for their drivers before they depart. This helps them to stay on the objective and thus minimise delays. With the internet and technology in general, such systems are in the form of apps and can thus be installed in cars or mobile gadgets. They include:

    It is the modern day satellite-like application. It plots you a map on which you can use to point out stops to make on your way to delivering the parcels. It may be at a gas station or a restaurant in case you want to have a break. The app makes your work easier and that of the driver as they are able to manage their schedule with ease. When it comes to plotting out stops for your route, the app comes in handy. On top of that, it has a free version and is thus cost efficient for small courier businesses.

    It is yet another tracking app that equips your courier business with the utmost visibility. Your drivers can determine or draw up the routes they want to take with the help of HERE. Owned and managed by auto makers, it plans to make your work and that of your drivers easier. You do not have to be online to download maps of countries, cities, and states. You can do this when offline which adds to its reliability.

    RAC Traffic

    It tracks based on the signal of your phone. For example, if you installed this app in the mobile gadgets of your drivers, you will be able to know their exact location. It receives the phone signals to help point out the location the driver is in. Apart from that, it can inform your driver of the condition on the road in terms of the traffic. This form of application allows your courier operations to be smooth as your drivers can divert to a route that has less traffic. It helps you to plan ahead using the maps it provides in the entire of the UK.

    Gvsig Mini Maps

    It integrates well with major search engines including Google and Bing. With this mobile app, you can receive data on where you are or where your vehicle is. It is efficient for businesses in the courier industry. If you have multiple vans on the road on a daily basis, you can keep track of where they are. It offers a friendly user interface which adds to its efficiency. You will be able to get all the information you require regarding where your vans are.

    Courier Exchange System

    It works as your third eye in tracking what your drivers are up to. It offers a reliable tracking service to know where your drivers are. With the courier exchange system, you will be able to receive a live feed of the whereabouts of your drivers. It is also a mobile app which can be installed in the driver's phone or your phone to help with the tracking. It also helps the drivers to sell jobs to potential clients and thus good for business.

    Commercial Truck Insurance Shopping Tips

    If you're seeking commercial truck insurance, you will want to think about which company you're going to use for your insurance. Not all companies are the same. Some companies will sell great coverage and others won't. There are some specific things to consider when seeking truck insurance. Whether it's your personal truck or a fleet truck, you'll have some things that you might want to upgrade on your coverage. Some insurance companies offer short-term or even single-trip insurance. Those with commercial truck insurance can offer this as they are aware of the consequences if you don't have it as well as the benefits that it can offer if you do have it.

    There are five basics that you should consider when you're thinking about truck insurance.

    1. Experience: How long has the company been in business? How long have they specialized in truck insurance?

    2. Stability: Can the company really pay things if you get into a wreck? What if multiple drivers have wrecks at the same time?

    3. Enough Coverage: You'll want to ensure that you can adapt your needs if you need more coverage or less.

    4. Reasonable Premiums: What are the rates? What are the rates for more coverage and is it affordable?

    5. Value: What is the value in terms of how convenient and timely the policy is? Will you get the services that you're paying for?

    When it comes to truck insurance, the premium is often the most deciding factor. This isn't always the best route to go. Always make sure that you're getting what you think you're getting. Make sure that you're not just taking the lowest premium because it's the most affordable, you want to make sure that it also gives you the coverage that you need on your truck. Check the coverage and make sure that you fully understand what they are covering.

    Remember that there are many regulations dictating your insurance coverage. Liability is a must for any auto insurance of any type. You may also wish to explore property damage as well as under insured motorist and comp and collision. There are varying rates for these coverage and one company may be drastically different than another. Don't forget personal injury protection either, this can be vital if a passenger or someone in another vehicle is seriously injured. Many companies also require cargo coverage so that any load being hauled is automatically covered. Other things to consider are garage liability and general liability as well as occupational hazard and health.

    Remember, insurance may be a tangible investment however, you'll never get the compensation that you deserve if you don't explore your options and make sure that you're getting the coverage that you think you're getting. You don't want to risk going bankrupt if you're in a wreck so be sure that you get the right insurance. If you want more information about tow truck insurances click here:

    It's important to remember that commercial truck insurance is typically higher than that of car insurance. this is due to the fact that a larger vehicle can cause more injury. You'll also want to ensure that you have a decent credit rating so that you won't have to pay even more. Having a good credit rating can drastically cut the premium of your insurance.

    Getting The Right Wheels And Tyres From

    There are various types of cars these days when it comes to style and design. Cars designed for young people are usually the sporty and fast types of vehicles that they enjoy modifying in order to fit their personalities and style. With a bit of creativity, this can be a lot of fun. The car experts at are aware that the mag wheels are normally the first thing that people modify so that their car would have a new look. If you have the perfect set of mag wheels, it could instantly improve the style of your car.

    Obtaining the Right Wheels

    You will need bigger or wider tyres if you want to grip a bigger surface area on the road. This means that you will also need bigger mag wheels, but you need to check that the mag wheels and tyres you buy would be suitable for your vehicle and have the right fitting sizes. It does not make sense obtaining wheels that would not fit your car.

    When to Change Your Wheels and Tyres

    Once you are able to obtain the right wheels and tyres, you need to take care of them. An apparent sign that you need to change your mag wheel or tyre is when it is damaged because this is quite unsafe and reckless. If it has a huge visible damage or a hairline crack, suggests that you take your car to the nearest wheels and tyres centre. It is risky to drive long distances if you have a damaged mag wheel or tyre.

    Your wheels could be damaged beyond repair if you drive into a pit too hard, too fast, or at a wrong angle. This kind of accident may cause the wheels to be broken up to the point that you may not be able to get to a fitment centre. As such, your car will be towed and you need to replace your wheels and tyres.

    Getting Durable Wheels

    Alloy wheels are now available in most fitment centres. These wheels are durable because they can withstand various conditions like dust, rain, and many more. However, remember that you also have to take care of your mag wheels. If possible, you need to clean it weekly.

    If your wheels and tyres are in good condition, you can drive with them for a long time and you do not need to change them often. When they get damaged, simply go to and visit their fitment centre to have your wheels and tyres replaced.

    Limo Driving In Hollywood

    The film Maps to the Stars, directed by David Cronenberg, gives exposure to the day-to-day life of one of Tinseltowns less glamorous professions: the limo driver. Chauffeurs, like waiters, are often those whove come to L.A. to try their luck in making it big as an actor. Others are writers as well, and the flexibility of working hours is a major perk drawing them to the job. Some freebies they may wind up enjoying include a new Armani suit or an invitation at a clients summer place for a week. On average, these dedicated hard workers earn a yearly salary of 30,000 US dollars.

    Luxury Road Events employs chauffeurs who are just as competent and committed as their Hollywood counterparts. With their services, you and your companions get a pseudo-celebrity experience while riding one of the many available party buses. You can do whatever you want inside, provided its safe and legal. Your driver acts as your confidante and is nothing short of professional and accommodating the whole time (just be respectful). To get this experience, visit and book a vehicle for your next wedding, birthday bash, bachelor/bachelorette party, night out clubbing, airport pickup or corporate event.

    Based on Maps to the Stars screenwriter and novelist Bruce Wagner (who drove around celebrities like Mick Jagger and Orson Wells in the 90s), Robert Pattinsons character is seen juggling the careers of an actor, a writer and a limo driver when he gets to see firsthand the struggles of a family in show business. As depicted in the film, its common for chauffeurs to be running errands that enable celebs to do their deeds discreetly. Theyre similar to plastic surgeons and life coaches in the sense that they see both the good and ugly sides of wealth and privilege. The leather-coated room inside the vehicles they drive is essentially a stars second home, where they can completely be themselves.

    Maurice Dean, 50, who has been a driver in Hollywood since his 20s, knows discretion and flexibility to be the keys to getting the best tips. You can say hes gone through his fair share of experiences that some people would envy. He recalled a moment that wouldve potentially made him richer by the millions with just one photo being in the same room with actress Katie Holmes as she tried on her dress right before her wedding to Tom Cruise. Dean was tasked to safely keep her $50,000 wedding gown and her bridesmaids dresses in his vehicle until the morning of the big day. He was also the lucky driver who had to line up at a hot dog stand to buy a chilidog for Britney Spears, who said she would trade a million bucks if it could her get to stand in that same line unrecognized by anyone.

    Dean has served clients of all kinds, from those too drunk to enter the bedroom on their own to those who would cry on his shoulder. Another odd job he took on back in the day, he said, could be compared with Hollywood chauffeuring: ambulance-driving. He mentioned how there is quite a similarity between driving with people who were either dying or thought they were and people who were either famous or thought they were.

    Award Winning New Hovercraft Design From Hovery In Brazil

    Personal hovercraft manufacturers over the past 10 years or so have tended to copy the construction techniques used in the early days of hovercraft design, that is, rigid hull with a skirt fastened all the way around it with engines of various types blowing air underneath to create pressure and lift. The tendency in manufacturing is to follow the crowd on the basis of what works for one will work for another, but every now and again someone thinks outside the box and innovations arise which can save a lot of money for the consumer. Such an innovation has recently surfaced in a small aero shop in Brazil. Ex-pilot and aero engineer Pilot Alberto Dei Castelli developed a small hovercraft that is easy to operate, packs away into the trunk of a car and is much less expensive than similar models.

    If you decide to see a hovercraft kit for sale, or any kind of diy hovercraft plans, please be very careful in what you buy. Remember that safety is paramount, particularly if you're going to be transporting members of you family. Hovery's new design makes a radical departure from normal construction methods and is a refreshing approach to this great new pastime. First of all, the hull design moves away from the idea that a rigid shell is needed, and replaces the normal mono-shell concept with an inflated hull. A large diameter tube is filled with air at low pressure, so that it gives if it hits an obstacle, and is basically used as the container for the pressurized air cushion.

    One obvious and glaring issue is the need for rigidity, so an aluminium tubular frame that just slots together like a tent frame is place over, and fastened, to the the top of the inflated hull. The frame provides the stiffness needed, and also holds the operator's seat and control panel, which is very simple - just a joystick! The engine, or engines, depending on the model type, are then added at the rear and it's ready to go. The remaining issues are lift and forward thrust.

    The rear engine(s) have two functions in one, and their output has been used in an ingenious way. Most of the air flow is used to drive the hovercraft forward, while flaps built into the inflated hull re-direct a portion of the air flow into the skirt container, which is surrounded by the inflated tube running around the periphery. All that remains is to start the engines using the pull rope, just like a lawn mower, and off you go. the whole thing can be packed up into the trunk of a car within 15 minutes.

    Battle Of The Best Marine Battery On The Market

    When dealing with marine applications, you may need a marine battery to handle the job. From powering an electric boat to providing a ferry with the power to carry people or cargo across the water, a marine battery can do it. Lead acid batteries are mostly used for marine applications because of their storage capacity, and of these, deep cycle monoblocs and 2v deep cycle cells are used. Here are some that could be considered the best marine battery on the market.

    Optima has quite a few batteries on the market, and their 8016-103-FFP D34M model is one of the best deep cycle batteries around. Packing 750 in cold cranking amps, a 12 volt capacity, and a reserve capacity that lasts for 120 minutes, the battery can handle a variety of needs, such as recreational boats and high load vehicles. The battery's starting capabilities perform exceptionally well, even in harsh weather. The battery is also vibration resistant, and contains sealed posts that prevention corrosion and make faster charging possible. If anything goes wrong, Optima has a 2 year warranty and will replace the battery for free.

    Exide's Edge FP-AGM24DP model is a high capacity battery that can tackle heavy loads with its Absorbed Glass Mat design. The battery comes with a 140 minute 25A reserve capacity and 775 in cold cranking amps. It even has a pressure venting system to prevent power reduction, drying out, and expand its life span. Fast cranking is possible because of the battery's low resistance and conductive post. Regardless of conditions, the battery can also recharge at a fast rate for more usage.

    Vmaxtanks' MR107 12V 85AH battery features deep cycling with AGM and SLA. It gives 85 amp hours and operates bests with smaller boats. The battery boasts a life of 8 to 10 years, and has tin and lead alloy plates that speed up charging, increase performance, and regulate energy dissipation more efficiently. The electrolyte viscosity of the battery doesn't need to be reduced with water because of the AGM, making it a low maintenance battery. For around $260 or less with discounts, you can get a battery that lasts a long time and handles vibration well.

    Optima also makes another blue top, deep cycle battery called the 8027-127-FFP D27M model. The battery has a high vibration resistance and life due to its SpiralCell technology, which combines lead plates and lead oxide coating to make two spiral wound cells. It has 1000 amp hours of power which can work with many electronics that require a lot of energy, from GPS location systems to bilge pumps. The tight seal of the cells prevent leakage, and there is a 2 free year replacement warranty in the event of a faulty battery.

    Any of these batteries can qualify as the best marine battery due to their exceptional design and craftsmanship. Try one that will best suit your marine needs.