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Auto & Boat Security :: Boat Security & GPS Tracking

Charter Yachts use GPS Trackers for Fleet Management Boat Security can be improved by fitting a GPS tracker. You'll always know where your boat is, with instant alerts if it moves, plus you can get other useful information such as battery levels & external voltage, engine status & runtime etc, depending on the model.

Outboard Motor Security Protect your Outboard by fitting an 'anti tamper' loop to your boat tracker, or fit the sensor into the motor housing for rapid tracking & theft recovery. The software can be configured to monitor alarms from a simple movement alert to multiple 'geofence' safety, hazard or speed zones warnings.

Fleet Security Monitoring Any Duotraq GPS tracking device can be configured for fleet tracking. That means all your Yachts, RIBs, Dinghys or other assets will be visible on the same map (whatever country they're in) with daily staus reports on location, internal/external voltage, engine runtimes & 'geofence' entry & exit. You can also view tracking 'live' & generate history reports for logbook purposes. Contact us to discuss your application

Typical applications:

DQ30 Handset

DQ300 GPS Handset for Temporary Tracking of BoatsDQ30 Applications: Temporary tracking for all boat types

This handset is used primarily for tracking people, such as group tracking for watersports, but it's small size & long battery life means you can also use it concealed in a vehicle or boat as a movement sensor for temporary monitoring. It will even fit inside the housing of larger Outboard motors, which are frequently stolen from smaller craft (as shown in the '' link* opposite).

  • Monitors unauthorised boat movements using geofence zones
  • Short-term anti-theft monitoring of boats, vehicles & outboard motors
  • 2 weeks+ standby time, 'live' tracking updates every 3minutes
  • Automatic tracking & low battery alerts

DQ20 Micro

DQ20 Applications: Yachts, Ribs, Jetskis & Boats of all types with power, Outboard Motor Monitoring, Fleet Tracking

This is a compact, IPX6 waterproof GPS tracker designed for covert installations. Its built-in accelerometer will detect any unauthorised movement and send instant alerts via email or text message with our tracking software. The tracking device maintains a constant GPRS data connection to our cloud-based server, and as our trackers can roam globally, you can keep an eye on your boat from any country via an internet browser with your secure login. Standard configuration gives 3 minute tracking updates & 140 hours standby time (see DQ20 details) The DQ20 is equally adaptable to single vessels or large fleets, and can be installed with just two wires or with optional inputs depending on your application. Outboard Motor protection - You can protect your outboard motor by extending the anti-tamper loop from the device, so you'll receive an instant alert if your motor is detached from the boat, or fitting the device inside the motor housing to track live using its internal battery See Yacht Charter Applications

  • Suitable for Jetskis, Ribs & boats with power
  • Monitors movement, speed, external voltage & backup battery
  • Anti-tamper loop for Outboard motors

DQ10 Boat Tracker

DQ10 Applications: Anti-theft asset tracking & recovery, tracking Yachts, Powerboats, RIBs, Tenders & other watercraft with power, fleet tracking, monitoring external voltage & inputs/outputs

This device operates in a similar manner to the DQ20 Micro above, with the added benefit of longer standby times using the inbuilt 1300mAh battery. It also features an output relay to remotely control onboard equipment. Its IPX6 housing enables it to be fitted on any external/internal surface facing the sky to track movement & monitor sensors.

See DQ10 details

  • 8-24 V DC input
  • 330 hour standby battery with auto 'low batt' alert
  • Anti-tamper loop for Outboards
  • Relay output for controlling onboard equipment

DQ50 Asset Tracker

DQ50 Applications: Asset tracking, Asset Recovery, Boat tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Caravan & Trailer Tracking, Portable & Temporary Tracking.

DQ505This is a 'plug & play' asset tracking device, small enough to be easily concealed on a boat, caravan or vehicle. It's waterproof to IPX7, so can be mounted externally to flat surfaces, in a cabin or under a locker cover. Its 2 x internal lithium batteries provide 3 months+ standby time configured with a daily status report. Unauthorised movement will wake the device & begin location reports every 3 minutes, facilitating a fast recovery from attempted theft or drifting from moorings. Portability means you can easily move the tracker between boat, vehicle or trailer depending on your activity.

See DQ50 details

  • Monitors unauthorised movement, speed & temperature
  • Compact, IPX7 waterproof, easily concealed Ideal for temorary use or moving between assets
* The 'live' links from the RSS feed at show the latest thefts from the UK database. If you are unlucky enough to have a boat, outboard or other equipment stolen, you can report it on their site to help Police recover it.

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